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Fax2Email server ~ Divert faxes to your email inbox!

Fax2Email is a server to retrieve incoming fax.  Once installed and setup, the user will receive an email for each incoming fax.  Each fax page will appear as an attachments in PNG format.  The email recipient can be individually specified, or it can be set to a common email.


Fax2Email email


star No more going to the fax machine to check for new faxes.  Get them in your email inbox.


star Incoming faxes easily distributed to designated email recipients. Support SSL/TLS email servers (eg. Google/Yahoo email servers)


star Saves on paper and toner!


star Help combat spam fax.  Unwanted or incoming advertisement can simply be deleted from email, instead of being printed out.


star Better use of paper. Print a paper record only when required.


star Comes with free pre-assigned Domain Name. Setup port forwarding on router to login from remote.


star Fax attached in PNG format. Small file size and easy to distribute. Viewable on all OS.


star A copy of incoming fax is automatically saved to Fax2Email's internal flash.


star Option to save fax to USB flash or a FTP server for extended record.


star No software installation required.  LCD displays Fax2Email LAN IP address.


star No monthly hosting fees!



Fax2Email Description:

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Fax2Email Network Diagram:

Fax2Email Network Diagram 1/4Fax2Email Network Diagram 2/4Fax2Email Network Diagram 3/4Fax2Email Network Diagram 4/4



Fax2Email hardware setup:

  Step 1: Connect USB modem* to device

  Step 2: Connect fax line in to USB modem (either port) and the 2nd line to a fax machine.

  Step 3: Connect the LAN cable from router.

  Step 4. Connect power cable to device.

The system will boot up, and the user can login to the web user interface, to configure and setup the device. 

    (Note: *Fax2Email should be used with compatible USB modem)


Easy to configure is an important design criteria.  Therefore, there are three methods to login to Fax2Email Web User Interface:

  Method 1: Open a browser and type in the IP Address shown on LCD (this is by far the easiest)

  Method 2: Open a browser and type http://Fax2Email 

  Method 3: Install and run Netility on PC.  The software will locate the device in LAN, and user can set the LAN IP address to either DHCP or Fix IP.


Fax2Email Web UI 1/4Fax2Email Web UI 2/4Fax2Email Web UI 3/4Fax2Email Web UI ˋ/4

Fax2Email Web User Interface



For enquiries , please email us at

Fax2Email product information

Fax2Email specification (updated on June 2012)
star Specifications and models are subject to modifications.
F2E.Spec.2629.pdf 47KB



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