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Product Introductions & Information


Thank you for visiting us at the recent exhibition.  We hope that you have enjoyed the show as much as we have.  There may not be enough time at the show to address all your queries, we hope this page will supplement it.


Best regards,

Mega System Technologies, Inc. 



For a copy of our latest brochure and product information please download them below.

Please see below for the latest specification of each product type:
1. Auto Power Cycle: [ ezPower ] | [ ezOutlet ] | [ MSNswitch ] | [ MegaBoot ]
2. SNMP Card for UPS: [ NetAgent9 ] | [ BattAgent ]
3. Network Device: [ Fax2Email ] | [ ezTemp ]





ezPower ~ Auto Power-Cycle Crashed Router

ezPower is designed to work as a watchdog to ensure that the remote network (router/modem) is accessible 247. It does this by monitoring internet and automatically reboots the router’s power if internet fails. It supports device with a DC input range of 5V, 9V or 12V.

Pass routers DC power thru ezPower by connecting router’s DC input to ezPower. ezPower will automatically detect and supply the appropriate voltage..



    • Manage device via ad-free Android / iOS APP, cloud or Web UI.
    • Set ezPower to ‘Reset Only’ to avoid accidental turn offs.
    ezPower DC output is equivalent to DC input from router adaptor.
    • Device On/Off detect at ezPower input socket.

ezPower-UPS is an ezPower unit with built-in 5200mAh battery. It can power router for approximate 6hrs after a power failure.

Additional features:
    • Provides up to 6hrs of back-up internet access during power failures.
    • Sends push-notification on battery mode
    • Battery low / critical notification.

a. EP-10   ezPower
b. EP-20   ezPower-UPS

star Specifications and models are subject to change without notice. For more information about ezPower, please write us at


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ezOutlet ~ Designed for iPhone / iPad / Android

ezOutlet is a single-outlet Auto Power-cycle watchdog.


ezOutlet main interface is thru a free mobile phone application for either Android or iOS;


There is no need to setup port forwarding or mess around with domain names.  Just connect device to internet, install the APP on your mobile phone, sync and use.


ezOutlet can be used either to;

(a) keep-alive a network device,

(b) remote power on-off-reset or

(c) schedule power on-off-reset.



i. Connect LAN cable to ezOutlet
ii. Connect IEC power cable to ezOutlet. (Unit will start-up, and attempts to connect to internet. A full yellow light indicates unit is online).
iii. On Android/iOS, install the APP.

iv. ADD ezOutlet to your APP by;

    a. click "Add Device" on APP.

    b. Press the 'Function button' on the device.

    c. Enter the ADD code (printed on label) on APP.

v. Done.


Function button
i. Press once: Invoke 'ADD' mode.  LED will blink in sequence of Green, Red, Yellow.  Blink will stop when the user has successfully 'Added' the unit to his APP or if the duration is more than 3 minutes.
ii. Button pressed & then connect main power:  Invoke firmware upgrade mode.  (Green off, two other LED blinks)
iii. Long press (>10 seconds) and release button:  Unit will reset to factory default.
a. EZ-11b   US/NEMA socket
b. EZ-21f    EU/Schuko socket
c. EZ-21g   UK socket

star Specifications and models are subject to change without notice.  For queries about ezOutlet, please email us at

ezOutlet Product information

ezOutlet Specification ezOutlet.Spec.6726.pdf 105 KB


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MSNswitch ~ Auto Power-Cycle Crashed / Unresponsive Network Devices


Routers, modems, switches, hubs, IP Cameras and network devices are prone to freeze-up. In 99% of the cases, all that is needed is a manual power reset. MSNswitch solves this without human interaction. No more truck-roll just to flick a switch!

MSNswitch will automatically power-cycle its outlet when either;
a) the internet connectivity is lost, or;
b) the monitored network device does not respond.

In short, MSNswitch acts like a watch-dog making sure that the network device monitored is functioning…

star For more information please see MSNswitch official site at  or email us at


MSNswitch Product information

MSNswitch Specification MSNswitch.all.6728c.pdf 845 KB


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MegaBoot ~ Auto Power-Cycle (advanced features)

MegaBoot is designed for professional application / system integrators.  The power output port comes with option of either two IEC or NEMA (US) sockets.


The functions of the product is similiar to MSNswitch but has the following difference;
a) Power-cycle when PING / WEB / IO fails to response.
b) it support HTTPS, SNMP and Syslog.

c) it can be expanded to send SMS notification by adding MegaSMS Server.

d) it supports NetFeeler Mini (temperature, humidity, water presence and supports a range of RF sensors). Read about it here.

e) it does not support MSN
f) it supports both DIN rails or wall mount.

g) Mode: AP / Client / Router

h) SDK / API available.



MB-32b     MegaBoot (US socket)

MB-32c     MegaBoot (IEC socket)


star Specifications and models are subject to change without notice.  For more information about MegaBoot, please write us at

Product Information

MegaBoot Specifications MegaBoot.Spec.5b30.pdf 3,279 KB


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NetAgent Series ~ A SNMP / Web Card for UPS


star For more information about NetAgent Mini, please visit  or email us at


List of NetAgent Product Brochures

New star NetAgent9 Series brochure ~ models & network diagrams NetAgent9.P1.6223.jpg 257 KB
NetAgent II, Mini & AS400 ~ models & network diagrams NetAgentMini.P2.1210.jpg 996 KB
NetAgent Mini brochure #2 (Front page) NetAgent Mini_dm.800.jpg 212 KB
NetAgent Mini brochure #2 (Back page) NetAgent Mini_dm2.800.jpg 192 KB
Poster 9.NetAgent9.800.jpg 166 KB


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BattAgent ~ A SNMP / Web Card for UPS


star For more information about BattAgent, please email us at




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ezTemp ~ Cloud Based Temperature, Humidity & Particle Matter 2.5 Detector


ezTemp is a cloud based temperature, humidity sensor. User have the option to add-on a Particle Matter (PM) 2.5 sensor to the device. ezTemp features;


* built-in emergency power giving it time to send out notification emails in events of power failures.

* Sync, control and monitor over Cloud or APP (Android / iOS)

* Email notification on over/under runs.

* Front OLED display

* Wireless 802.11b/g

* Extendable Temperature & Humidity sensor.


For immediate queries about ezTemp, please email us at


ezTemp Product information

 Specifications TBD TBD
 Poster 10.ezTemp.800 126 KB


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Fax2Email ~ Divert faxes to your email inbox!


Fax2Email is a server to retrieve incoming fax.  Once installed and setup, the user will receive an email for each incoming fax.  Each fax page will appear as an attachments in TIFF or the default PDF format.  The email recipient can be individually specified, or it can be set to a common email.


starFor more information about Fax2Email, please link to


starFor immediate queries about Fax2Email, please email us at


Fax2Email Product information

 Specifications F2E.Spec.6202.pdf 205 KB


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Other products

Remote Power Manager 2 (Front Page - General Product Introduction) RPM2.P1.02.800.jpg 305 KB
Back Page - Specifications RPM2.P2.02.800.jpg 278 KB
NetProbe2 NetProbe Lite_dm.800.jpg 248 KB
Net101 NET101-dm.800.jpg 255 KB



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